5 Reasons Why Socialization Is So Important For Your Dog

Just as human interaction is crucial in creating mental and emotional wellbeing in babies, so too is socialization crucial in creating mental and emotional well being in dogs! Dogs that are socialized from a young age with other dogs in a safe and supervised environment are proven to be less anxious, aggressive and obedient throughout their lives. Going to Doggy Daycare is also great for helping a puppy get potty trained and break bad habits like chewing by expending all of that pent up puppy energy!


  1. Starting Early Is Important! The first year of a dog’s life can create lasting behavioral habits that will shape him or her into the dog they will be as an adult. So starting to socialize them early is very important! Positive interactions with other dogs and people will form positive mental and emotional reactions in your pup. However, make sure that your puppy has all of their vaccines such as Boardetella, Parvo, Distemper, and Rabies before having them around other dogs.


  1. Exercise! Dog obesity is becoming a HUGE (literally) problem! Between 20-40% of all dogs seen by vets in America are considered overweight. Obesity in dogs makes it difficult for them to deal with the heat so it is an even bigger problem in Florida. Being overweight also leads to medical problems such as difficulty breathing, cardiac issues, back problems, skin problems, arthritis and even certain types of cancer. Taking them to Doggy Daycare can help them get the proper exercise in a supervised environment with other dogs that are safe and vaccinated. Dog parks can be a good option but due to the unknown nature of the other dogs/owners it can be a wildcard.


  1. Get Rid of Aggression! Dogs that are socialized in a safe environment show less or no aggression later on in life. Getting daily or weekly interaction with other dogs shows them from an early age that dogs are fun and not scary! It also helps with how they act around other people while out on walks or when they come into your home.


  1. Better Visits To The Vets & Groomers! When dogs grow up regularly meeting new people and dogs it will be easier to get them comfortable visiting the vet & the groomer. Make sure that you also introduce them to getting their nails trimmed regularly from an early age so that this does not become a phobia later in life, your groomer will thank you! (Believe me on this one)


  1. Potty Training & Chewing/Bad Behavior Correction! A lot of bad behaviors in puppies or even older dogs are attributed to boredom and loneliness! Taking them to a doggy daycare can help alleviate those feelings in your pup and give them a healthy outlet to expend all of that pent up energy! Potty training also becomes a breeze as they will be able to go out and potty regularly forming the connection in their brain that they should be going potty OUTDOORS!


So in conclusion, just as you would take your human child to school to learn positive skills and behaviors, your fur child needs the same type of love and attention! Socialization with other dogs and humans in a safe loving environment creates nothing but positive connections in their brain.