Get To Know Our Bark Squad Pups!

Meet Maui! Whippet

Our next Bark Squad Bio is on Maui! Not only is he named after a mischievous Demi-God but he is one of the most high-energy pups at Barks & Recreation. Maui’s sleek physique allows him to run run run all over the Barks & Rec Play Yard. He enjoys running circles around his friends and doesn’t know the meaning of the word “relax”. Thank you so much to Maui’s parents for taking the time to answer our questions! Remember, if you would like to have your pup featured on our blog just stop into the shop and ask! It’s that easy!

Q: Tell us Maui’s story! Where was he born and what made you fall in love with him?

A: Maui came from Bobett farms in Riddeck Florida. We met him when he was two weeks old and had just started wobbling around. We remember him mostly because he climbed up on his siblings and hopped out of his pool. Kelli caught him and he fit in the palm of her hand. When we went back to the farm four weeks later we were surprised that Maui was ours, because we had asked for a female. At that visit Maui was sooo busy playing and wrestling with his siblings. We brought Maui home two weeks after that. We fell in love with his big paws, his pink puppy belly, his sweet little puppy kisses and snuggles!

Q: How did you come up with his name?

Two reasons.  First we were married in Maui and second, I liked the duality of the character named Maui in the movie Moana.  Whippets are regal and beautiful and elegant, but they are also silly and sweet and snuggly.  They run super-fast, and then they are snooze hounds! Maui was his own version of a shape shifting demi god!

Q: What breed is Maui?  Did you know the breed before you got him?

Maui is a Whippet.  Yes, we had two female whippets and had many friends with whippets.

Q: What is Maui’s favorite thing to do?

A: RUN!!!!!!  Especially if someone is chasing him………then snuggle

Q: What do you love most about whippets?

A: We love that that he doesn’t shed too much. We think it’s neat that he can sprawl out and take up tons of the bed and then curl up into the smallest ball and you have to look for him under the blankets.


Q: Is there a silly or funny story about Maui that you would like to share?

A: Since we brought him home he is famous for tooting and scooting.  We think if he could talk he would say “ I don’t know what’s going on over there but its stinky and I’m outta here” The funny part is that he looks at us like we are the stinky ones!!!!