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Barks & Recreation was founded on a simple philosophy: Love each and every dog like they are part of OUR FAMILY! Because of this, we are a crate free facility which means we work with each and every dog to integrate with one another whenever possible. We dedicate a full time staff member to each group of dogs and rotate them inside and outside on a regimented schedule for tons of play, love and care. Whenever we have dogs boarding with us they have their own private condo that includes beds, blankets, toys and even their own T.V. (set to animal planet of course!). However, they only use their condo at night and we make sure that we have a staff member scheduled to stay with them at the facility overnight in case they need anything! Instead of feeling guilty about leaving your dog home alone, you can feel confident in knowing that they’re making new friends, learning new skills and burning off some pent up energy.

Barks & Recreation is a pet company founded on the love of animals. We have designed our facility and our mobile grooming vehicles to provide the best care for your dogs. We have spent extensive time in training all of our staff members in K9 CPR/First Aid and Basic Dog Handling skills. Your dog will be in good hands with our loving and well trained staff!

Located in Seminole Florida


Our facility is located in the center of Seminole Florida conveniently near all of the beaches and the City of St Petersburg.

Address: 8486 Seminole Blvd, Seminole, Florida 33772

Hours: Monday – Friday: 7 AM – 7 PM | Saturday: 8 AM - 4PM | Sunday: Closed

Phone: (727) 619-7107

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Barks & Recreation Services

Doggy Daycare - Barks and Recreation

Doggy Daycare

Tired of being cooped up in the house alone or even just need a break from your humans? Well at Barks & Recreation you can set free your inner hound and get the me time you deserve. Work on your tan at any one of our pools, get fit running around with friends at the playground, or just sit back and watch if you just need some time to relax. Don’t have a ride? Not to worry, check out our limo service that will pick you up and drop you off at home.

Mobile Dog Grooming Services

Salon Grooming

Do you have a hot date with Rex and need to shave your legs? Or have you been at the gym all day, are sweaty and smelly, but supposed to have a night in the park with Bella? Let our professionally trained stylist make you look, smell and feel your best. Whether you want a mani-pedi or a red carpet updo, we can satisfy any of your needs. If you don’t feel like sitting around by yourself afterwards, then for a little extra you can go hangout with your friends until it’s time to go home.

Boarding - Dog Boarding - Barks and Recreation


Are your humans going out of town again? Then blow off the sitter and treat yourself to a luxury staycation! Not only will you be wined and dined at our 5 star resort, but you can also enjoy the indoor/outdoor play areas, soak up some rays by the pool and enjoy a sleepover with all your friends. Also, don’t forget to pamper yourself at the spa before you go home.

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In-Home Care

Is it going to be a long day at home by yourself while your humans are at work? Are they going out of town and leaving you at home, but you don’t want to be alone without your walks and Scooby snacks? Then take advantage of our in-home services where we will come to you and take you on walks, play fetch, rub your belly, even have sleepovers if you request. Whatever the case may be, Barks & Recreation is there for you!

Mobile Dog Grooming Van - Barks and Recreation

Mobile Dog Grooming

Love being pampered but hate the hassle of going to the salon. The waiting in line, the noise and all the gossip going on just seems to never let yourself fully relax. Then take advantage of the Barks & Recreation Mobile Salon, where we come to you and give you the private pampering attention you deserve! We offer services any where from a mani-pedi or deep facial cleansing, all the way to the full deluxe pampering package. When our stylists are done, not only will you be looking and smelling good but you will be feeling good too!

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