Dog Boarding

Centrally Located to Serve All of Pinellas County:

Located at 8486 Seminole Blvd, Seminole Florida,  we are centrally located to service all of Pinellas County’s Dog Boarding needs. Including: Seminole, Clearwater, Largo, St.Petersburg, Pinellas Park, Gulfport, St.Pete Beach, Treasure Island, Madeira Beach, Redington Beach, Indian Shores & Clearwater Beach.

A Fun Place To Run & Play All Day!

Our Dog Boarding is set up with your fur babies safety and fun in mind! We have a 5000 square foot play yard that we call “Shady Oaks” because it’s surrounded by towering oak trees! These trees keep our play yard shaded throughout the day as the Florida sun heats up! However your pups are not outside all day as we rotate our play groups in and out throughout the day. We do our rotations on an hourly/30 minute basis (dependent upon the weather).

We Are A Crate-Free Dog Boarding Facility

We are a crate free dog boarding facility which means we work with each and every dog to integrate with one another whenever possible. Each dog/family has their own private condo that includes beds, blankets, toys and even their own T.V. (set to animal planet of course!). However, they only use their condo at night and we make sure that we have a staff member scheduled to stay with them at the facility overnight in case they need anything! Instead of feeling guilty about leaving your dog home alone, you can feel confident in knowing that they’re making new friends, learning new skills and burning off some pent up energy.

Smaller Groups = More One on One Attention

We’re a small dog boarding facility and keep our groups small in comparison to other facilities in Pinellas County. Keeping our groups small helps foster a more personal environment where we can give each dog attention, love, and play. Our groups are kept at a 10 to 1 ratio whether they are inside or outside. That means ten dogs to every staff member. Therefore, when you drop your fur baby off for dog boarding they receive the same love and attention that they would receive at home. At Barks & Recreation we treat each and every pup like they are part of our family.

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Why Choose Us?

As Your Dog Boarding Facility

Barks & Recreation is a company founded on the love of animals. Because of this, we have designed our Dog Boarding Facility to provide the best care for your fur babies.

  • Our passion for animals goes beyond the work place and into volunteer efforts. We are a family of pet lovers that want to give back to charities and support local shelters through fund raising and awareness. Consequently our main charity is Pet Pal Animal Shelter and we send the mobile grooming van to groom dogs waiting for adoption.
  • We don’t overbook our dog boarding schedule! We have self imposed limits on both the amount of dogs we have in the facility on any given day, and on the amount of dogs in each group with our staff. Therefore giving us the time to spend one on one with each and every dog to give them plenty of love, play, and attention!
  • We have over 5000 Square Feet of Outdoor Play Space! Our Shady Oaks Play Yard is right outside our back door and the dogs LOVE IT! It boasts brand new turf which is AMAZING for pets for a few reasons: There is no dirt or mud to roll around in or dig through. Consequently, there are also no fleas, ticks, or ants because they can’t live in the turf!
  • We have also spent extensive time in training all of our staff members in K9 CPR/First Aid and Basic Dog Handling Skills. Our loving and well trained staff will make sure your fur baby is safe and comfortable at all times!

Get To Know Our Staff!

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