Barks & Recreation – Get To Know Us!

Diane: In-Home Care Specialist

Continuing our series of staff introductions we wanted to sit down with Diane, our In-Home Care Specialist! Diane takes care of all of our pups that don’t necessarily like being in boarding, so we take care of them in their home instead! Diane is trained in Pet CPR & First Aid and just loves animals of all shapes and sizes! We plan on introducing you to each of our employee’s over the coming months and letting you into our world to see just who is taking care of your fur babies on a daily basis!

Q: Where did you grow up? Tell us a little about it!

A: I grew up in Ohio until I was about 11 and then we actually SAILED down from Ohio to Florida. We went through the Great Lakes to the Atlantic. It was quite the adventure!


Q: What did you want to be growing up?

A: I wanted to be a Veterinarian and a Mom! I accomplished being a Mom though!


Q: Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us.

A: I used to own a boat rental shop and I spent lots of time out on the beach. I would sail and ride jet ski’s and just spend lots of time out in the sun!


Q: What is your favorite 80’s Jam?

A: I like Pink Floyd, does that count? Sure! What is your favorite song of theirs? Another Brick in the Wall.


Q: Tell us something you have on your “Bucket List”

A: I’ve always wanted to ride a horse on the beach!

Q: What is your favorite movie of all time?

A: Cinderella Man. I like true stories and Cinderella Man is about a boxer during the depression and how he lost everything but then gained it all back! It is such a good movie!


Q: Where would you go if you were invisible?

A: I would love to be invisible while watching my daughters clean their houses! They are so funny when they clean because they bicker and fuss while cleaning.

Q: If you could have lived during any time period when would it have been and why?

A: Probably the early 1800’s. That’s when horse and buggy was around right? Yes! I love thinking about the idea of seeing the country during the settler period and riding around by horse.


Q: If you were a dog, what breed would you want to be and why?

A: II would be a Burmese Mountain Dog because they are lovable, loyal, cute and fluffy!


Q: If you were a superhero, what would your powers be?

A: I hate superhero’s haha but if I had to choose super powers I guess I would choose to read people’s minds!


Q: How would you describe Barks & Rec?

A: We Love Dogs! Loving, Caring, and Nurturing Staff!


Q: What aspect of your role at Barks & Rec do you enjoy the most?

A: I just really like loving on the dogs, interacting with them and when they cover me in puppy kisses!